Thursday, August 9, 2012

Blueberry Ginger Cake

We've been on vacation for five days, and I've made a version of this cake four times, once just after we unloaded the car.

Popularized by the smitten kitchen blog, this recipe for an easy buttermilk sponge from Gourmet magazine 2009 makes something that you can serve for either breakfast or dessert. This spicy version with crystallized ginger is my husband's favorite.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Potato Waffles?

On the fourth day of vacation, my mother finally managed to push me out of the kitchen and made waffles for breakfast. She says the kids like them, and I should take a break or something. Wow, does she have control issues or what!

Ahem ...

The iron wasn't the traditional four squares with deep grooves, but a small model that makes something closer to a round pancake with lots of nipples. I was just going through my regular morning script, "Stop touching your brother", "No, you can't get up until you finish your milk," "Use a fork!" when I realized that you could use that waffle iron to make potato latkes!

Have you ever made potato pancakes? I generally spend one whole day before Chanukah frying latkes. It is such a horrendous pain in the neck that I can only bear to do it once. The house reeks of fry oil for a week, grease splatters everywhere, you go through rolls of paper towels, and you usually end up with a burn somewhere. But if you just ladled the potato mixture onto a waffle iron and went about your business until it was done, it would be totally worth it for just one batch.